Russia is the master of worn-out camps, and the protector of dictatorships

When the Soviet Union was at the height of its military power, the United States of America pursued with it a new method of conflict, which was called the Cold War, i.e. a war that broke out, but without the use of weapons, through which the United States of America was able to drain all the forces that the former Soviet Union depended on, especially the economic situation that It reached the climax of the collapse, and it caused severe international isolation, and formed a stereotype of failure and weakness, with the United States supporting the Afghan fighters who poisoned the Russian soldiers, and broke the military legend of the Soviets, the power they were bragging about with shoulder-mounted missiles, until the Soviet Union was forced On dismantling himself and declaring defeat, and with the increment of leaders of the Russian Federation, he was the last to take power in Russia, a malevolent intelligence man against Muslims and Arabs in general, he chose to support the socialist camps and pursued the worst methods of political arrogance. He claims, and cannot compete with America in any way, but has become a tool in representing the role of the strong peer according to the American desire,

 For Russia to turn to supporting dictatorial regimes, as it did in Venezuela, the Czech Republic, Libya and Syria, and the list of fascist regimes supported by the Russian bear grows long. It is the same that destroyed Chechnya, and it is the same that displaced the Syrian people, killed their children and women, destroyed schools and disrupted all international solutions to solve the Syrian crisis and looted wealth The state is the mafia-style way in which Putin and his henchmen excel, and today it is trying to invade Ukraine and support the dictatorship of Kazakhstan at the expense of killing the people in it. If all these factors indicate the bankruptcy of Russia, a state based on blackmailing peoples by supporting fascist regimes in it, to make itself a registered mark. In support of dictatorships and worn-outcommunist camps


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