The tribes of Deir ez-Zor lie to the regime and its media by broadcasting a series to try to distort the facts and abuse their children

BAZ_NEWS- Deir Ezzor

One of the largest tribes in eastern Syria belied the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Asad and denounced the attempt of its media outlets to exploit the crimes it suffered on the hands of Daesh when it controlled large areas of Dayr as Zawr countryside. The Revolutionary Council of the al-Shu’aytat tribe said in a statement addressed to the freemen of Syria and the world that the tribe “deplores the ‘comic’ experts of the television series that depicts the regime’s elements as being the ones who came to the defense of the tribe, which has been subjected to the biggest and most heinous massacre since World War Two by Daesh. He added that the regime applies the proverb of “killing the dead and walking at it’s funeral” by trying to take advantage of the mosque in which its forces were partners. The statement denied the regime’s claims to defend the clan’s members, stressing that its forces participated in killing them and the clan members were able to kill regime elements in the ranks of Daesh. The statement issued an ultimatum to the team of the series and its director of the need to immediately stop its presentation of its contravention of truth and reality, blaming them fully responsible for insulting the history, reputation and present state of the clan. Recently, Al-Asad TV started a series “Because it’s my Country,” which is promoting the defense of the Al-Asad Militia of the Al-Shu’aytat tribe in the face of Daesh violations. The series is also trying to promote the idea that the Al-Shu’aytat Tribe and other Arab Tribes in the region stood along side the Al-Asad regime, whose militias have besieged Dayr az Zawr and its Countryside for years, killed tens of thousands of residents and destroyed their towns by aircraft. The series “Because it is My Country” is directed by Najdat Isma’il Anzur, who has been producing series defending the Al-Asad Regime, promoting its side of the story and distorting the image of the Syrian revolution. In August 2014, Daesh committed a bloody massacre that killed hundreds of members of the Al-Shu’aytat tribe in eastern Dayr az Zawr countrysidd.

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